Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monitoring UltraESB with Zabbix

UltraESB is an open source project geared towards developing the worlds best ESB! It is already the best in performance, ease of use, and many features, but we are keen to further improve its core features for mediation, management and monitoring!

While working on the management/monitoring aspects of the UltraESB we have been introduced to Zabbix by one of our users. We already had a good web based management console called the UConsole, and a JSON REST services API for managing and monitoring, with a command line client to be released in the near future. Even though there will be many possibilities for management, each of these uses the same JMX infrastructure underneath. After all, JMX is supposed to be the management framework for all Java based applications.

Now, coming back to the topic, Zabbix monitoring has also been integrated with the UltraESB via the JMX API, facilitated by a native Zabbix agent that ships with the UltraESB v1.4.x onwards. The latest article is on the basics of monitoring the UltraESB using Zabbix.

Sometime back we mentioned about a set of great open source projects that the UltraESB utilizes, and we will soon be listing the free and open source Zabbix monitoring solution there! This again emphasizes the goal of Adroitlogic which is to build the best ESB out there, and not to re-implement all the existing wheels in the process! We will always select the best open source projects/tools out there which is not our core competency, and say publicly that they are what we use. Of course we do it without re-branding them as our own components the way some vendors sell others' open source projects as new products these days :)