Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AdroitLogic announces v1.5.0 of the UltraESB

The latest version brings support for Command Line Interface for management, improved JMX support, and integration with monitoring solutions and a high performance RAM disk based file cache

Singapore - May 20, 2011 - AdroitLogic Private Ltd. announced today the release v1.5.0 of its free and open source Enterprise Service Bus, the UltraESB. The UltraESB is released under the OSI approved GNU Affero General Public License; as well as a zero-dollar non-GPL commercial license which allows unlimited and perpetual use free of charge. First released in January 2010, the UltraESB was the first ESB to utilize memory mapped files and zero-copy, coupled with non-blocking IO to provide extreme levels of performance.

Version v1.5.0 released today offers support for a new Command Line Interface (CLI) for management allowing interactive and scripted management preferred by system administrators. The new version also has more attributes exposed for JMX based management and monitoring, including enhancements to the UConsole - web based management console. A RAM disk based file cache improves performance much further, and the exact numbers will be announced shortly with the complete ESB Performance Test Suite ( used previously by many vendors to allow end users to measure the performance and compare it with any other open source or commercial ESB of choice.
The new release also includes a facility to automatically register ESB elements into the popular Zabbix - Open Source Monitoring solution. The close integration allows users to monitor the ESB, set triggers when certain thresholds are reached or SLAs are violated etc, and generate graphs for activity across weeks, months or even years. Improved connection debugging allows the generation of detailed connection information on HTTP level failures so that problems with clients or backend services etc can be quickly understood. The UConsole also allows the user to view the tail end of the logfile, and change the underlying Log4J configuration at runtime, and now supports the IE browser as well and includes secured access with JMX

The v1.5.0 release is approximately ~35MB in size and includes over 70 samples, test utilities and documentation etc to get started quickly. The release can be downloaded from