Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UltraESB v1.4.0 development builds are available for feedback!

Good cooking takes time. If you are made to wait, it is to serve you better, and to please you.

Anyone who has read the Mythical Man Month by Brooks will remember the famous statement on the menu of Restaurant Antoine. Likewise, we've taken a bit of time, to do a great release of the UltraESB v1.4.0, to please you better! The release is expected later this month, but we've started releasing public development builds for user feedback.

Some of the highlights of the new release are:
  • Support for clustered deployment and management of a cluster (based on Apache ZooKeeper)
  • Configuration updates, includes and removals at runtime including a "prepare" phase that detects possible issues before a configuration switch
  • An extremely lightweight Web based console for management of the UltraESB and basic monitoring
  • Complete revamp of JMX functionality to use MXBeans, and including a built-in Zabbix monitoring agent
  • Support for local and distributed caching via ehCache (expect support for memcached soon!)
  • XACML support using PicketBox XACML
  • Support for save/restore of test setup from the ToolBox
  • Many more enhancements and rectification of issues

Here is a brief screenshot from the web console

And here is a view of a proxy service shutdown command on a cluster, where one can see the list of nodes where the command completed successfully, or failed

The console also allows one to quickly load new configuration fragments, or unload or update loaded fragments

  • To checkout the source code, use Mercurial as follows:hg clone

Note: Some of the pages/parts of the pages of the Web console are still under construction